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  1. Armed to Sustainable Farm- Nasib Singh- Dr. Vishal Raina, AEO, Jammu
  2. Backyard Poultry farming and women empowerment in Garohills of Meghalaya - Dr. Sagarika Borah,Technical Officer, Meghalaya
  3. Sustainable goat farming with Osmanabadi goats-Success story -Dr.Udharwar Sanjaykumar Vithalrao SMS,ICAR-CCARI
  4. Rearing of improved poultry breeds in Kumarpara village of Darrang District of Assam- Dr. Yesmina Ahmed, Corodinator NLM, Assam
  5. Success story of Sh. Dhunda Singh, a farmer from Kathua, Jammu and Kashmir
  6. Mr.Malkit from Ambala dist. of Haryana earning good income by contract broiler farming- Dr. Naveen saini, SMS, KVK, Ambala
  7. Income generation through broiler rearing – A success story - Dr. Pramod Sharma, JNKVV, MP
  8. Backyard farming of Vanraja fowl for enhancing rural poultry production and income- A case study – Dr. Shardul Vikramlal, SMS, KVK, Nimbudera, ICAR – CIARI, Andaman
  9. Bakri palan ajivika ka prabal saadhan - Dr Sarvesh Kumar, Veterinary Officer, Ranital, Kangra, HP.pdf
  10. Success Story of Sh. Yan Singh a Poultry Farmer from Kullu, Himachal Pradesh – Dr. Randhir Singh, Veterinary Officer, Kullu, HP
  11. Sh. Sanjeev Kumar Ranan of Jagni Village, Kangra Dist., HP-Success story on Goat Farming, Dr. Sarvesh Kumar, Veterinary Officer, Kangra, HP
  12. Ms Gitarani Barman, Sualkuchi Development Block of Kamrup dist. Assam Dr. Sarbani Borah, Veterinary Officer, Assam
  13. Establishment of Organic Farm and Community Organic Nutri-garden by Dr. Sunila Kumari, Dragon Flora,LLP, Maharashtra
  14. Management of Insect Pest and Disease in Cumin of Dalod village of Ahmedabad, Gujarat- Mr. Patel Vinod Dhirajbhai, BTM, Gujarat
  15. Backyard Poultry Rearing For Women Empowerment and Food Security in Rural Assam - Dr. Rupa Bharali,Veterinary Officer, Assam
  16. Success story PGS - I - Concept, Mr. Ansuman Pattnayak
  17. Audacity should not be in muscles Rural Youth, Dr. Vishal Raina
  18. Mr. Mangesh N. Chaple - Organic Farmer Success Story- Ms. Priti Sonkusare
  19. Successstory of an organic farmer - Kurmaiah , Mr. Krupakar Reddy
  20. Duckery adding a feather in her cap - a success story, Dr. Debojyoti Borkotoky
  21. A post graduate youth gave up lucrative career to work in rural area
  22. A wonder herb to Increase Cattle Yield and Sustainable feed for Livestock
  23. 60 year old retired employee as Sheep Entrepreneur
  24. Veterinary Doctor become a Fodder Production Enterprenuer
  25. Shree Narayan dairy farm
  26. Success Story of Dr. Nitin Mohan Gupta - Animal Doctors
  27. Mr. Mangal Oraon: Innovative Vegetable Grower, Ranchi, Jharkhand
  28. Forages helped a Techie turned as successful dairy farmer
  29. Backyard Poultry Farming: Avenues for Livelihood improvement and Nutritional Security
  30. Success Story of Rama Subbamma
  31. Cue Lure: An Eco-friendly Tool to Control Fruit fly in Cucurbits
  32. Professional Advice fetched Mango Farmer
  33. Technology Transfer to a Farmer on a Liquid Bio Plant Growth Promoter, “Amritajal”
  34. Technology Transfer to a Women Farmer on Botanical Extract for Control of Rice Yellow Stem Borer
  35. Timely Control measures saved Mango Crop